Nothing to see here...just a live spot online to test use of different libraries within SquareSpace "code injection" feature.  If anyone cares, you basically can load any library you want (like Angular or jQuery as below) into the "code injection" at the backend of your squarespace, and then it is like loading it in the page header.  Alternatively, you can put scripts in headers page by page, or even just nest everything in script and style tags in a giant HTML chunk typed into a squarespace "code block" - which will be kind of stuck within the existing sqsp template, but allows for most stuff.  That's what I have figured out so far at least. 

Hello {{yourName}}!

Hello World!

.sqr {


$( document ).ready(function() {

<div id=wrapper1>
<div id="row1">
<div class="sqr" id="sqr1"></div>
<div class="sqr" id="sqr2"></div>

<div id="row2"
<div class="sqr" id="sandbox3"></div>
<div class="sqr" id="sandbox4"></div>