Lo-Fi Cut-Out Scratch Blocks


In class, I sometimes use some faux Scratch blocks I have cut out from foam board.  The foam has worn over the months, so I thought I'd make a fresh batch - maybe smaller sets printed on card-stock?  I am thinking it would be good to do some more gross-motor code-it-on-the-floor stuff.  One thing that is fun is to have one kid be the sprite and another pair assemble scripts - and the sprite kid acts it out.    The class gets to "evaluate" and see if the Sprite was following the directions.  Another thought would be to glue this on thicker-still-foamy stuff, and cut those out.  Or blow it up and use it as a template to cut out the big ones.  Who knows? If you like, you can download a PDF of these lo-fi blocks by clicking here:  Download PDF